segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

"Let them good times roll"

I'm gonna go outside and let them good times roll
Got them drinks, got them records, let's rock and roll
My friend is in trouble, he's lost in the woods
I've been there once and it ain't good.
The clock is ticking, you better move
You can either win or lose
Better take a look around before you choose
What you choose to do, well, it's up to you
Some were one night stands, others would die for you

It's such a hard thing to do
All the things you're going through
But don't worry, I'm with you
Well... That's love, what can you do?

The last time you were out of love, so were all your friends
But we stuck together man, until the end
Now we all expect the same from life
Still looking for the two wrongs that will make one right
That's why you left her, and that's why I'm here
Got something to tell you, hope you still can hear

I hope you still have time, hope I'm not too late
Only fools come across a man and his fate
So listen to what I say, nevermind what I did
Search for nothing at all and you will find all that you need
Love will come your way, faster than a heartbeat
Don't put too much time into it, just follow your feet
You'll find one to keep, just follow your feet.

Sean Riley and the Slowriders - Let them good times roll

2 comentários:

Luís Soares disse...

Maio 09, bar da ESCS:
Luís - Oh Joana já ouviste o novo disco do Sean Riley & The Slowriders? Está bem porreiro.
Lara - Sim, deve estar mesmo... -.-

Dezembro 09, Largo Camões:
Luís - Venham lá meninas, vamos lá ao MusicBox. Vai ser alto concerto (Sean Riley & The Slowriders).
Lara e Sílvia - Oh, não nos apetece. Vamos a uma festa com o Nuno Lopes.


Like Snow in July disse...

Em primeiro lugar, como é que te lembras do raio dos dias e dos meses luís?!
Em segundo lugar, nós não fomos ver sean riley porque SE PAGAVA, não sejas aldrabão -.-'