sábado, 25 de julho de 2009

Hi everyone!
I've been a really bad girl and didn't come here for months!!!
But anyways, I'm here and that's what matters!

I'm writting in english because I knew I have some visitors that don't understand portuguese so I'll be writing some posts in english.

I've been working like crazy this week, because I'm a PR at Healthcare Practice and with the flue and some more health problems that are happening in my country I've been like almost having a heart attack when I hear "LAST MINUTE INFORMATION" at the TV!
But anyways, I'm on my vacation now and for the next week and I expect to get some rest...
My 5 year old cousin is comming to stay with us for this week and it will be fun!

Anyway... my bedroom is a mess so I'll go get it ok because when my little cousin gets here she'll make everything a big huge mess!!!

huge kiss!

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